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Morris Roofing Solutions, Inc. will assist you during every step of the process. We begin with a complete site inspection. Extra time will be devoted up-front to analyze each project individually. Our experienced estimating department will make every effort to identify any outstanding design problems, and will provide cost-effective solutions. Once the job is underway, our project managers will work hard to make sure the job is done in an efficient manner with minimal disruptions at the job site. We will provide you with a highly efficient roofing system, and we will deliver the superior quality and service for which Morris Roofing Solutions, Inc. is known.

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Roofs are often subjected to extreme conditions; from Florida heat and wind to New England cold and snow.These conditions can lead to damage that needs to be repaired. The rain, sunlight, snow,  and harsh winds that accompany storm season can have devastating effects. Morris Roofing Solutions is always prepared and can help solve your problem. From detailed estimates to timely service with the industry's best warranties, we can help get your roof repaired and your business back to full operation - with little or no downtime.

Roof Surveys and Roofing Repair - Call 401-722-2229

The objective of a roof survey is to establish the condition of a roofing system or systems at a given site, prescribe preventive and corrective maintenance, assign approximate roof life and provide budgets for both maintenance and replacement. The textual data is supported with photographic backup to provide a better understanding of the actual problems and conditions encountered.

curb installation
Finishing touches on curb installation
curb complete
Completed curb
Installing overflow drains
Installing Overflow Drains

Installing Curb


·         Roofing  warranties up to 20 years and craftsmanship labor warranties backed by Morris Roofing Solutions

·         Experienced, licensed and insured installation experts will ensure your roof is installed professionally to give you Peace of Mind long after the job is done.

·         One competitive price that covers everything from roofing materials to installation to the safe removal and disposal of your old roofing material.

·         We manage every step of your project and we guarantee both the installation labor and our roofs.

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Mall Emergency
Emergency Repair of water damage
water build up
Water built-up on expansion joint