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Morris Roofing Solutions, Inc. was started by Anthony and Joseph Morris in September 2001. With over 30 yrs in the roofing industry along with educational back-ground we believe that we can provide knowledge and service to fulfill all commercial and industrial needs.

Morris Roofing Solutions, Inc is a diversified national commercial and industrial roofing company focused on providing above average results to our customers through expert workmanship. We allocate resources carefully to our businesses so that we can obtain savings for our customers. We strive to consistently grow this business by increasing market share, improving product installation and targeting new markets with expanded customer base. 

·         Our Employees
Our crews are trained year-round in the latest in state-of-the-art techniques by the manufacturers, by national roofing organizations, and through intensive in-house programs. Proper training enables us to “do it right the first time,” saving our customers time and money. We do not use sub-contract crews, as many companies do, but perform all our work with our own employees, many of whom have been with the company for  years.

·         Safety
We have a written safety program, a drug-free workplace, and mandatory safety training and meetings. As an employee who drives a company vehicle not only must have a valid driver’s license, but also must pass a background check and DMV check, as well as an insurance company pre-qualification. This has resulted in a very good safety record an extremely low worker’s compensation mod rate for the last ten years.

·         Insurance
An insurance certificate is available on request to our clients and prospective clients. We have a two million dollar limit on our commercial general liability policy and our commercial auto policy, as well as an additional four million dollars worth of coverage in our excess umbrella policy. These are only available to commercial roofing contractors with very good histories of successful operations.

Differentiate with value or die by price

Joseph R. Morris III
J.R. Morris Consultant
Tammy M. Morris
Jack Delaive
Carol A. Morris